All The Things You Wanted To Know About Shopping 🛍 In Turkey

If you are planning a trip to Turkey soon and shopping is on the agenda, knowing as much about it as possible will help you get the best deals. The best thing about shopping here is that there is something for everyone and no matter what your budget, you will be able to pick up some wonderful things. Once a part of the Spice Road and the Silk Road, Turkey still resonates itself in its wonderful shopping opportunities it offers the people.

istanbul-shopping turkey grandbazaar
Grand Bazaar – outlooktraveller

Where to shop in Turkey?

Here are the places to shop in this country:

shopping in turkey
Shopping Istanbul – Birthday Girl

Shopping Centers (AVM)

  • Malls: Turkish cities have a wide array of shopping malls much in the style of those in the United Kingdom. You will be able to find local boutiques and international brands in here and also a number of eateries to have a drink and a snack at. Some will even have multiplex cinemas for people to catch a movie after the shopping. If air-conditioned spaces are what you want, then this is how you can get it here.
  • Local bazaars: This is where the heart of Turkey lies and if you are a true-blue tourist, then you will skip the shopping malls and head for the fun atmosphere of the Turkish bazaars. There are lots of things you can buy at these local bazaars set up by the local people. The bigger the town, the bigger the bazaar you will find and a good tip is to ask the hotel where the best bazaar is in the area. From handicrafts, clothes and shoes to bags, spices and food items, the bazaars are a place that offers an exciting opportunity for you to shop till you drop. You will probably not find any brands here but what you will find is the true spirit of Turkey. If you go to Istanbul, make sure to take the time to drop in at the Grand Bazaar: it is the country’s biggest covered market! Don’t forget to hog on all the tasty snacks and drinks while you shop.

Pro tips to use when shopping in Turkey

As a tourist to the wonderful country, it can be a bit overwhelming to shop at strange places. That is perfectly okay because shopping in a new country can be different from what you are used to. Here are some pro tips you can use:

  • Don’t forget to bargain: Turkish shopkeepers and businessmen are known for their love of bargaining and that is why you should never feel shy to do the same when you are here. You can quite expect the prices to be increased by a huge margin only to be lessened when you start bargaining. No matter what you are asked for, make sure you bargain so that you are able to get a good deal or yourself.
  • Stay away from ‘’branded’’ products: Don’t believe the ‘’brands’’ you may chance upon when you shop at Turkish bazaars. They are very probably fakes. You can of course buy them but make sure you pay accordingly. The country is known for having a huge number of ‘’genuine fakes’’ in the market which look good but which may not stand up to the test of time and so being wary is a great idea.
  • Carry cash: When you shop at shopping malls, you can very well expect them to accept your credit and debit cards but you will be charged a fee. And that is why carrying cash is the way to go.

Have a wonderful trip to Turkey and make the most of its great shopping opportunities.

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