Best Travel tips for visiting Turkey 🌴 first time!

6 Amazing Travel Tips for First Timers Heading to Turkey

Turkish is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe that has everything to mesmerize you. It is a perfect example of the amalgamation of beauty and culture. Turkish culture is intriguingly different from the rest of the world. It has always been the favourite destination for the travel enthusiast. If you are looking to explore the city at its best, then here are the top travel tips for you to make your trip successful.

Visit turkey first time

Here are some important tips that you should keep in your mind

Gold is a good option here

If you are fascinated with gold then you will get good deals of gold jewelry here. Turkey offers 22-carat gold at a cheaper price than any Western world would offer you.

Set your day with Raki

When in Turkey, make sure to have a sip of turkey’s special drink. Turkey’s national drink is Raki, which is also known by the name lion’s milk.

The concept of bartering in Turkey

Shopping In Turkey

In Turkey, you will come across bartering in most of the places provided if the product does not have the price tag on it. You are open to it only if there is no price on the product. However, most of the people are ready to pay then go with bartering.

Don’t expect an English breakfast while booking a package holiday

breakfast in Turkey

Most of the people live with the wrong concept that booking a package holiday will take them to complimentary English breakfast or continental food. The breakfast option that comes with the package holiday means only Turkish breakfast. However, if you are craving for the English breakfast you can and have it from the nearest restaurant every morning.

Bathrooms will be available as a wet room for basic accommodation

Booking basic accommodation means you will get the arrangement for your bathroom as a wet room. This means the bathroom will be fitted with a shower hose to the wall having a small hole in the ground.

Make sure to look at the bill in the restaurant

The concept of tips in Turkey restaurant is quite different from your country. 10% of the bill is the expected tip in most of the Turkish restaurant. However you need to look at the bill and check what the restaurants have charged in it.

Hope these tips would help you explore Turkey with more ease and you would be able to enjoy your travel to the fullest.

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