Bodrum Holidays in Turkey 2019 – Top 5 Attractions to Visit

Unveiling the 5 Major Attractions of Bodrum, Turkey

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People in search of the most vibrant Turquoise Coast have their answer. It is Bodrum. This is a perfect holiday destination with loads of ancient attractions that can be enjoyed while sightseeing. This was the ancient city of Halicarnassus during the Ottoman era. Now, it has turned into a small fishing village. But as tourism entered this place in 1940s, the whole scenario changed. The place remains vibrant and lively during summer when tourists flock in. The old village atmosphere of Bodrum attracts people every year. The Mediterranean Sea brings people to bask in the charm of Bodrum.

Bodrum attractions

St Peter’s Castle:

The castle of St Peter is on top in the list of must-see things in Bodrum of every tourist. St. John’s Knights Hospitallers build the structure between 1402 and 1437. The knights were of various nationalities and they were entrusted with the defense of different sections of the wall. The different towers are English Tower, French Tower and Gatineau Tower. The English Tower is sculpted on the west wall with a lion. The Gatineau Tower leads to dungeons. During the reign of sultan Suleyman this castle passed into hands of the Turkish. They built a mosque within it. Many halls of the castle now exhibit Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology:

This is a must-see attraction of Bodrum. The artifacts are accompanied by multimedia displays. The very first hall contains a glass blowing workshop and huge amphorae collection following by the Glass Wreck Hall. In this hall there is a ship that sunk in the1025 AD and it is 16 meters long. The French Tower contains the cargo of a Greek Ship that sunk in the 4th AD. The two halls named Treasure Room and Uluburun Wreck Hall contain crowning glory of the museum. Things that were recovered from the wrecks of Bronze Age ships are exhibited in these two rooms.


This site was once one of the seven wonders of this world. But it doesn’t look like that now. One needs to imagine the whole thing of glory. This Mausoleum was made by Pytheos, an architect. This was made as the resting place of king Mausolus. The finished product was 46 meters high and decorated with friezes. Though it was partly damaged by earthquakes, knights finally brought it down. The castle of St. Peter was made with these stones. Now, you can only watch a peaceful garden setting though you can boast of seeing one of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

Myndos Gate:

A person, who wants to see the remains of Halicarnassus, should come to this one. This is a part of the sturdy fortress walls of King Mausolus. There are plenty of small remnants near this site. Though individually any of these things have nothing special to watch but together these can create a reason for an hour long exploration.

Bodrum Theatre:

This is not as big as the Roman one. But it is well restored. The view towards the mountain is fabulous. This is still in use. The modern city uses it for concerts and events. During ancient times there would have been 13,000 spectators here. This is a good spot to imagine and enjoy the ancient era of Halicarnassus.


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