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This historic fishing village named Dalyan – meaning Fish Trap has a friendly market place which just captures the warmth and hospitality projected by its inhabitants.

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Set in the most beautiful location on the Dalyan Çayi, a river that flows past the village linking the Köycegiz Lake and the sea. The river plays host to a number of  tiny fishing boats moored in the harbor all anxiously waiting to sail you down through the never ending  tapestry of reeds  to ‘Turtle beach’. The beach has scored a measure of international fame for its conservation of the endangered Loggerhead Turtles; its beauty also speaks for itself.

Enjoyed by many including locals a relaxing day by the river is a must, at one of its cafes or restaurants you can marvel at the Lycian rock tombs carved over 2000 years ago that overlook the village. Dalyan also is famed for its mud baths and hot sulphur pools said to have youthful and invigorating properties they also attract many tourists from other resorts. Anybody interested in Archaeology or history will find the Kaunos ancient city nearby, which offers a glimpse into past civilizations. Kaunos has to be one of the most mysterious cities in the Mediterranean separated from Dalyan by the 15m canal (Dalyan Çayi) which holds the water that flows from the Köyceyiz Lake into the Mediterranean. 

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The Lycian rock tombs that can be seen from the village belonged to the people of Kaunos and are the landmark of Kaunos and Dalyan.The ruins of the city are one kilometre away from Dalyan, you can reach them by motorway or by sea. This said because of the shallowness of the water at some points where the waters of the canal fall into the Mediterranean, yachts are not allowed to enter Kaunos. You can however get a small boat to the to Kaunos from here, disembarking from the boat, passengers are required to walk for ten minutes to get to the city.

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This lovely time is on the river between the beach and kuja’s lake so the town revolves around boats it’s dominated byt he Magnificent lycian rock tombs which overlook the town and on every poster about Dalyan

Along with its diverse wildlife and find company its value in another jewel at Turkey . Getting to the beach is the best part of being in Dalyan.

dalyan beach

Probably one of the best beaches in the whole of Turkey, it’s also one of the mating place for Caretta-Carettas, the beautiful big turtles come to lay their eggs.

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