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How To Make The Most Of The Natural Abundance Of Marmaris

If you are travelling to Turkey and Marmaris is on the cards, you are in for a very satisfying time. The abundance of nature in this town can be overwhelming for people used to the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Best of Marmaris for Brits

Located on the south western coast of Turkey, the town has a sweeping bay that is surrounded by pine-clad lush mountains. If natural beauty is something you love, then head to this town if only for its turquoise sea water and the beautiful natural surroundings. However, if you want to do more, you will be pleased to know that Marmaris has a lot to offer tourists. There are many things you can do here while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the town. Some of the wonderful activities you can do here are described below:

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Marmaris walk around or trek

Walking around a new place is a fantastic way to explore. Whenever you are travelling to a new city or town, make sure that you spend at least a portion of the time walking because nothing gives you a better perspective of a place. Marmaris is perfect for walking and there are several trails that you can choose from. From strolls to arduous treks, there are a variety of trails to keep you busy and make you hunker for more. A leisurely walk out to the waterfront will make you happy because of the splendid views you will be able to witness of the marina and you will also love looking at the big boats that frequently line up. You can then choose to walk more and go to the next resort of Icmeler. If you are looking for a tougher and more arduous route, a trek up the mountains that surround the town is a wonderful way to spend an adventurous day.

Sailing on a boat – Marmaris

Whether or not you have tried your hand at sailing or are a complete newbie, Marmaris is the perfect destination to get down and do it. Setting sail on the turquoise waters of the sea can be magnificent and you will understand why Marmaris is known as the Turkish Riviera by water enthusiasts. This activity is designed to suit everyone regardless of the age and the peace and quiet is something you are going to miss when you return home. With the wind in your hair and the saltiness of the sea on your lips, sailing can be just the thing you needed.

Marmaris Activities: Quad biking

This is an activity that younger tourists love to explore while in this town. Quad biking on the many dirt tracks that line the town can be exciting and may give rise to surprising adventures. Who knows, you may be able witness tortoises on the roads or be able to catch a glimpse of the lovely old-fashioned Turkish villages from the mountain top? The mesmerising views of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea will also be something for the sore eyes.

Water sports in Marmaris

water sports marmaris

Marmaris has an array of water sports available for you to try and they are a great way of being active with the whole family. From banana boats, jet skiing, to rafting and water skiing, there are many activities you will be able to enjoy here. So if you are looking to do more than sunbathing while on holiday, water sports may be something you will enjoy.

The beauteous surrounding of the town of Marmaris is not the only thing to be said about the place; it has activities galore for travellers to participate in!

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