Easter 🥚 Holidays 2020 April Family Holidays in Turkey – Deals & Discounts 😍

Easter Holidays 2020 April Family Holidays in Turkey

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Updated: 04 May 2019

Have you booked your Holiday for April yet? There are so many last minute bargain deals available for School Holidays.
April school holidays are coming close! The dates for this year vary from council to council but most of the schools closing on 3rd April 2020 and Kids return to school on 20th. Some other schools closes 10th of April.

When it comes to Easter holidays, you want to give a special treat to your family – something they cannot forget for a long time. Turkey, known for its outstanding beauty, offers just the perfect family holiday destinations for Easter. Learn about some of the most beautiful Turkish resorts and what all you can do with your family.

Marmaris Holidays 2020 in April

april easter holidays turkey

Marmaris is perhaps the perfect Easter holiday destination for your family. It provides all the family-friendly attractions including vivid nightlife, sandy beaches, and lots of fun activities for all family members.
It is one of those rare holiday destinations that offer beautiful lofty mountains along a stunning coastline. You can spend time with your family enjoying the magnificent views from atop the mountains or enjoying the sandy beaches. The pine-covered mountains create a unique landscape with picturesque venues.
When it comes to activities, the pristine waters offer endless opportunities. You can go sailing on a yacht or find yourself a secluded and beautiful spot on the beach. Check: Marmaris Turkey Deals

Antalya Turkey Holidays for Easter

antalya family holidays turkey

Antalya is beautifully located on the Turquoise Coast, one of the most sought-after destinations by travellers. Your family will thank for you for an Easter holiday surrounded by natural wonders and beautiful Mediterranean villages. If you are looking for a destination that offers plenty of warm waters and sunshine, Antalya is just the perfect place for you.
There are so many reasons to love Antalya and spend your Easter holidays here with your loved ones:

Antalya is famously called the ‘gateway to the Turkish Riviera’. A holiday here is a treat for your family.
The sandy shores and the emerald waters create a magical setting.
The resort is surrounded by mountains on three sides.
A visit to Antalya is also a visit back in time, with its rich Roman and Ottoman history and all the beautiful architectural remnants.
There are endless opportunities and sites to explore here with your family. Check: Antalya Turkey Holidays

Bodrum April Breaks 2020

bodrum turkey holidays

Bodrum is another great Easter holiday destination, offering the ideal combination of its turquoise jaded sugary-white beaches, tons of fun activities, and rich history. There is something for everyone in the family.
Bodrum is located ideally on the conjunction of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean. There are endless picturesque locations around. You can spend all day under the sun on the beaches or take a boat and explore the Marina. Cruise and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Aegean coastline or go exploring the stunning Karaada Island. From Turkish baths to the Dedeman aqua park, you will have endless holiday activities.

Oludeniz Holiday in April

oludeniz all inclusive

If you want to take your family on a dream vacation to the ‘blue lagoon’, Oludeniz is the place to go. Imagine being able to go paragliding amidst lofty mountains and sparkling waters. The resort offers plenty of water sports and fun activity opportunities.
Go on diving expeditions under water or spend your time on the beautiful beaches. Relax in a Turkish bath or explore the Blue Lagoon itself. The Blue Lagoon offers beautiful beaches and still water, something rare to find in the entire region.

Dalyan Holidays 2020

Dalyan is another great Easter holiday destination for your family. It features pools for kids, saunas, fitness centres, and splendid beaches. The place is known and cherished for its relaxed riverside atmosphere. With a background in farming, the place stands out for its elegant waterways.
The resort features the architectural ruins of Kaunos. You can take your family to explore Lake Koycegiz on a boat or visit the turtle rehabilitation centre. The impressive Kings’ Tombs in Kaunos give off a magical golden hue in the sunset, drawing everyone’s attention for miles.
With all these Turkish resorts, you can never go out of options for your Easter holiday plans.

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