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Fethiye: A Tourist Delight – All inclusive Beach Holidays and more..

Turkish food is not the only thing that is famous worldwide. The country itself has quite a few other things to keep tourists’ attention hooked to it and Fethiye is one of such Turkey attractions. The city called Fethiye is a port city that is famous for quite a few things. It is a place with abundance of natural beauty. The city is on the southwestern coast of turkey. The modern city is located where the ancient city Telmessos was located. The ruins of this historic city are still visible with Hellenistic theatre being one of the examples of ruins. This city has a Mediterranean climate that has very long and dry summer. If you are one of those who enjoy roaming about and learning about the old cities, Fethiye is definitely your thing. Natural beauty of this place will be a heavenly attraction for nature lovers. There are actually loads of things that one can enjoy in this Turkish city.


Anyone will love to stay in a place that offers good accommodation options. Fethiye is a place where the hotels are situated at all prime locations. If one needs a hotel near the mountains, he will get one close to it. At the same time, people in search of accommodation near marine won’t be disheartened. There are many great value hotels to choose from. Holiday Mate is giving you option to choose from these great hotels. Plan your trip along with the flight with the help of the website. Just list your requirements and preferences to get the booking done through Holiday Mate in a few steps.

Lycian sites:

In the city of Fethiye, there are many monuments that are scattered within the city. The tomb of Amyntas is one of the famous sites. One can see the Lycian sarcophagi as one walks up the hill on Kaya Caddesi towards the tomb of Amyntas. In the city center there are more sarcophagi from the Lycian period.

Roman theatre:

After conquering turkey the Romans allowed them self rule. But the Romans did not forget to make their mark in the conquered city. The theatre was built in the 2nd century. It is only partially excavated and could accommodate 6,000 spectators. One can have a great view of the city and the sea from the top tier of the seats. If one visits in the summertime, the park opposite the theatre is the best place to relax.


We have only though of a museum as a grand place. But the museum in Fethiye is a small one. Still it offers a great option to know more about Lycian history. There are information panels that explain the culture of the Lycian. Their pottery, stele and jewelry are well exhibited. The trilingual stele that is inscribed in Aramaic, ancient Greek and Lycian is the pride of the museum. This is the stone that helped archaeologists to know the Lycian language.

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Oludeniz Lagoon:

This beach is just perfect with its turquoise water rimmed by dense pine forest. Its beauty is attracting people for years. The lagoon area is still free from the development of any tourism hotspots and constructions. The village that is attached to the lagoon is still a low story affair. Along with swimming and sunbathing, paragliding in Olu Deniz offers a great chance for outdoor activity enthusiasts. In the summertime, paragliders launch from the Mt. Baba peak. Along with the experienced ones beginners can easily choose tandem paragliding flight.


This is the ruin of religious centre of Lycian period. The three temples are dedicated to Leto and her children by Zeus, Artemis and Apollo.

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