How Will Brexit Affect My Turkey Holiday? 🤔

Since 2018 the whole Brexit has been in the headlines leading to many of us wondering, how will Brexit affect my holiday in Turkey?

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Rest assured there will be little changes over the next few years and as of 2019 there will be no changes that will affect your Turkey holidays.

Will brexit affect Turkish holidays?

Should I Be Worried About Booking A Holiday?

Absolutely not. The EU has stated that nothing will change in 2019 meaning flights and travel will stay the same as it is today.

All Turkey destinations are running as normal and airports have no changes when arriving or leaving.

How Will Flights To Turkey Be Affected?

All flights will continue with a transition period at around December 2020. From here you will have to pay a 7 Euro admin fee online for a European visa.

This will allow you to travel to Turkey for 3 years with no changes in flight destinations or returning from Turkey.

Can I Still Use My Passport?

Yes. Your passport will still remain valid. As always be sure that you have a minimum of 3 months left on your passport.

We understand there is so much information on the news, online and hearsay at the moment.

This can be very disruptive when planning holidays to Turkey during Brexit negotiations.

As we have outlined, 2019 nothing will change. From 2020 there will be an introduction of a visa for a small fee.

This will be done online and last 3 years, so even after Brexit there is very little change to worry about.

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