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Jet2 is the one of the top holiday company for cheapest deals to Icmeler.
Some of the trendy hotels are: Julian Forest Suites in Dalaman area and Grand Aquarium.

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Icmeler Turkey TUI Holidays

TUI is popular choice for Turkey Holidays and company has some good deals for Icmeler too.

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Icmeler Online Guide

All The Things You Should Know About Exploring The Countryside In Icmeler

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Icmeler, the sleepy little village of yore has now established itself firmly among the must-visit beach towns in Turkey. It is located right beside Marmaris on the western coast of Turkey and promises a vacation that is relaxing and yet fun-filled. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway with a special someone or a fun trip with the family, Icmeler may be just the destination you were looking for. The palm tree-lined beach and the beautiful turquoise water makes Icmeler the destination of choice with beach-lovers in the lookout for the sun and the sea. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just sunbathing here, there is a lot more to do and explore here.

Have a look at how you can explore the gorgeous countryside in Icmeler.

Choose to walk

The choice to walk can be taken if you really want to explore the best that Icmeler has to offer. Taking in the beautiful natural surroundings is easy when you are walking and with several trails in the town, you have much to choose from. You can also go trekking on the mountain slopes to get a lovely view of the beauteous Mediterranean Sea and the nearby Turkish villages. Walking along the beachfront while enjoy what the little shops and cafes along it has in store can be a fun occasion for the entire family. You can also choose to walk within the interiors of the place to find the old town. It will give you an idea of what it looked like before the resort town of Icmeler came about. In fact, if you walk along the beachfront promenade, it can take you all the way to Marmaris!

Enjoy scuba diving

Icmeler is a tourist paradise with a lot to offer including scuba diving facilities. It does not matter that you are a total novice at it; there will be instructors ready to teach you the ropes before you are allowed to get into the sea. If the depths of the ocean have always fascinated you and the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea keeps calling to you, try scuba diving and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna that is underneath. There are also many diving opportunities you can try if that is something you would want to. Enjoy viewing a vast range of marine life including octopuses, groupers, lobsters, tuna and much more!

Go cycling

An eco-friendly way to see the best of Icmeler is to hire a cycle for the day. You can get cycles on rent for the whole family and you will have a lot of fun exploring the resort town in this manner. It is a cheap and fun activity to try and you will be happy that you chose it for the wondrous views you will be able to witness!

Jeep safari

If a high level of physical activity is something you don’t want to partake in while on holiday, you don’t have to worry because a Jeep Safari is something you can opt for. It gives you the opportunity of being driven to all the sights of the area while you relax. It is also perfect for people who may not be able to do a lot of trekking or indulge in more strenuous activity while on holiday.

There are several more ways you can enjoy the mesmerising beautify of Icmeler. It is a great idea to ask the locals what else you can do because they will be able to help you find an activity that your travel group will enjoy together.

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