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Cheap Flights & Closest Airport to Bodrum

Bodrum turkey

The nearest airport to Bodrum, Turkey is the Milas-Bodrum airport which caters for both local travellers and holidaymakers.

Bodrum airport is very popular due its location of holiday resorts and the main airport holidaymakers use for the the Turkish resort of Marmaris.

Nearest airport bodrum turkey

An alternative airport to use for those visiting Bodrum or the South West part of Turkey is Kos, an island just of the coast favoured by Greek travellers.

Now an international recognised airport, Bodrum flights are very competitive and are ideal for those looking for cheap flights to Turkey.

Where is Bodrum Airport?

Situated 36km from the centre of Bodrum and just 16km away from Milas the Milas-Bodrum airport is set to the South part of Turkey.


Bodrum airport has over 3 million visitors every year and has risen to be the 9th busiest airport in Turkey.

Milas-Bodrum airport has two very large terminals which cater for both international and domestic travellers taking advantage of the cheap flights in Turkey.

Cheap Flights to Bodrum

As the airport has gained popularity over the years as Turkey becomes a top holiday hotspot there are many cheap flight options available.

bodrumturkey beach

One of the best places to get cheap flights to Bodrum is by using the flight search engine Skyscanner.

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Used by over 60 million travellers every month and available in more than 30 languages it’s super easy to use and full of cheap flights to Turkey.

Cheap flights to Bodrum and the surrounding airports can be tailor made to suit your travelling needs.

Along with being able to choose various departure airports, flight times, luggage allowance you can also add direct flights for the quickest flight times.

Also along with being able to find the cheapest flights to Bodrum, Skyscanner now offers hotel bookings and car rentals.

This is very popular for those who wish to book their own accommodation and car rental option when looking to get to the nearest airport to Bodrum without transfers.

Skyscanner price matches thousands of cheap flights to Bodrum including last minute flights so you always get the best deal available.

They are linked to all major airlines like Jet2, Ryanair, EasyJet, British Airways and many more.

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