October Weather in Turkey 2019 🌤🌡 Best time to visit?

Turkey is a beautiful holiday destination that is truly gorgeous and boasts an ancient historical culture. If you are considering Turkey as your next destination, make sure that you book your tickets for the right time.

The best time to visit Turkey

You can visit Turkey all year round. However, there are some months which provide an optimum tourist experience. Turkey experiences a hot and dry weather during the summer months. Temperatures can be pretty high between June and September and if too much heat is not something you prefer, you can choose to visit in spring or autumn. The months April and May or September to November will have a great weather with the temperatures pleasant and not overbearing. These are also the months during which most tourists choose to visit the country. You will be able to get many package deals during these peak times.

October weather in Turkey

October is a beautiful month to visit the country. With temperatures rising to about 26 degrees Celsius during the day and falling to about 13 degrees Celsius during the night, the time is very pleasant for tourists.

Must-visit places to visit in Turkey

Steeped in culture and history, following are some of the places you cannot miss during your visit to Turkey.

Ankara, Turkey
  • Ankara: This is the capital city of the country and has much to offer including beautiful museums and live cultural centres. It is a major transportation hub that sees a lot of tourists.
  • Konya: The art and architecture of this city is tremendously gorgeous and it has an amazing historical richness too. Delve into the ancient buildings and mosques of the place and pay homage to the home of the great poet Rumi, who lived here.
  • Antalya: This large and vibrant city should also be on your mist-visit list for a whole lot of family fun. From sightseeing to mountain climbing, this city has a lot to offer tourists of all kinds.
  • Marmaris: If you want to spend a significant amount of time on the beach, this is the place to head to. With sunny beaches and great food, this is the perfect beach town!
Konya, Turkey
Antalya, Turkey
Marmaris, Turkey
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