The Great Outdoors Of Oludeniz 😍 Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of It

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Tranquil Nature: Beauty of Oludeniz

Oludeniz, the picture-frame-perfect holiday resort on the coast of Turkey, is a popular holiday destination for beach-lovers. This picturesque town pulls in thousands of travellers every year for the amazing natural beauty it possesses. Oludeniz has certainly been lucky in the nature department with sun-kissed beaches surrounded by pine-clad mountains, the Blue Lagoon and surroundings that happen to be one of the most photographed in the Mediterranean area. However, there is a lot more to Oludeniz than sunbathing. Here are some activities that will allow you to explore the great outdoors this place boasts of.

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Walking and trekking in Olu Deniz Turkey

trekking in olu deniz turkey
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No matter which holiday destination you choose, walking and trekking are activities that will bring you closer to the realness of the place. It is the same here too. Walking and trekking in the town is encouraged and it lets you explore the hidden gems in the area. There are a number of trails that will let you visit the local villages or the Blue Lagoon, ensuring that you enjoy nature at its most beautiful. Few things will give you more of an essence of a new place than using your own two feet to walk!

Paragliding in Oludeniz Turkey

Paragliding Oludeniz

There is no better way to get a taste of the great outdoors of Oludeniz than soaring in the skies and this is made possible if you choose to go paragliding. You can paraglide by jumping off the Babadag mountain peak and as you descend through the air, you will be able to witness the fascinating world below you such as the iconic Blue Lagoon, the Kayakoy village, the beautiful turquoise sea and the resort itself. It is truly the best way you can enjoy the superb Turkish countryside.

Paragliding Oludeniz

Boat trips around Olu Deniz

These are a wonderful way to spend a day if making the most of the beautiful Turkish coastline is something you want. It can be a romantic activity to enjoy with a special someone or be a family fun activity with everyone. It can be a relaxing day to spend out on the deck or it can be a fun-filled one with stops to enjoy bouts of swimming.

If you want to take a refreshing dip into the sea, make sure you take a number of stops and enjoy! You can choose to take a trip on a banana boat or you can choose speed with jet skiing: there are several types of options available for travellers of all types.

Olu Deniz Horse riding

Olu Deniz Activities: Horse Riding

If you are looking for an unusual activity that lets you explore the greatness of the Oludeniz outdoors, horse riding can be just the thing for you. You will always have an attendant with you all through the ride which will ensure that you have nothing to worry about even if you are an inexperienced horse-rider. Horse riding is suited for everyone irrespective of the age and it gives one the opportunity of exploring a bit of the real Turkey. You will be able to get off the tourist trail and explore the Turkish villages and nearby towns while on horseback. You can also choose to get a better view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea while you are at it. It is certainly an eco-friendly way to explore the destination.

horse riding

The above activities are not the only ones that make Oludeniz a wonderful holiday destination. There are several other activities you will have fun with such as water rafting, quad biking, canoeing, jeep safari, scuba diving, cycling and mountain biking. Choose activities that go with your sense of adventure and make sure you make a number of beautiful memories.

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