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Tourism in Turkey is an amazing combination of natural beauty blended with artificially crafted ambience. One such exotic luxury located in the resort city of Antalya is the Titanic Beach Resort Hotel. Situated by the banks of the turquoise waters of Lara beach, Titanic hotel is spread across 95 thousand square meters by the beach with more than 586 luxury suites.

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Titanic has been the Luxury resort of the year, 2018 and has been widely acclaimed as the best resort to reside in, to enjoy the most of the beach ambience.

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You can gift yourself true synonyms of luxury excursion on your holiday in Turkey. Look no further and book Titanic hotel to experience the epitome of lavish vacation this holiday season. TUI brings for you some of the amazing Titanic hotel booking deals, so that you don’t have to drive a hard bargain. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now!

Why Titanic Resort Hotel is best of both worlds?

Here are a few reasons why the Titanic beach resort would be the best option to stay at, for an amazing tourist experience.

TUI Titanic Lara Beach

titanic beach hotel

Titanic is an attraction within itself that because of its unique structure and exemplary design. The hotel’s architecture is a wonder within itself. Assuming the shape of the great ship of Titanic, while giving a beach view, gives the customers an experience of travelling on the ship Titanic itself.

Titanic Hotel Rooms

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The rooms are luxurious, with all kinds of amenities including air conditioning, television, shower, Wi-Fi, minibar, hairdryer, balcony/ terrace and even available with a beach view. There is a wide range of rooms for different kind of tourists. From family rooms to one bedroom and twin beds to double rooms. They have it all!

Titanic Facilities at the Lara beach

Titanic has a separate private beach connected with the great Mediterranean coast. A thousand meters of, a golden-sand-filled beach is complimented with gazebos and proper seating arrangement to enjoy a luxurious evening alongside the beach view.

Cheap Titanic Beach Holidays Antalya

gym titanic beach hotel

Facilities at Titanic are countless. Luxury golf court, football ground, tennis courts, fitness gym and even a personal swimming Olympic pool. The sports amenities are just the ones, to begin with. Tourists with an idea to relax could enjoy other benefits like spas. Kids have other amenities like playgroups and kids’ clubs.

The Amphitheatres and banquet areas at Titanic always have colourful, ethnic and international events going on.  There is always a scope for the guests to be entertainment with a zero chance of boredom.

Titanic has been awarded one of the best luxury hotels time and again for the past five years. Its connection with the beach, attraction as a ship, compassion to the guests and an unending list of full-fledged amenities has won a lot of tourist’s hearts!

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Central Turkey is an amazing place for tourist explorations. It has a wide range of attractions including exotic beaches, beautiful gardens and natural lakes. In the centre of all of these tourist spots, is Dalaman.


Dalaman airport is the gateway to one of the best tourist expeditions in the world.  The number of tourists travelling to this beautiful city every year might have kept you wondering about the skyrocketing prices. Also, there are various factors to worry about, including the weather, flight rate, seasonal travel amenities, etc. This article will help you simplify the process and understand the scenario of flights travelling to Dalaman from Manchester along with the facilities available for every season.


High seasons in Dalaman


  • Duration- June, July, August.
  • Weather condition- The weather is the hottest during these seasons, making it perfect to enjoy the beaches and lakes.
  • Flight fares- The flight fares are the highest during this time. Most numbers of tourists visit during this time, influencing the flight rates to go up. However, you can still grab some of the amazing cheap flight deals by browsing through the internet, as many travel agencies keep posting with flight and hotel deals.


Off seasons in Dalaman

  • Duration- November, December, January, February March
  • Weather condition- The winter reaches its peak stages during these months which results in lesser tourists. Although, it becomes a perfect time to enjoy snow sports like skiing.  
  • Flight fares- Rates are reasonably low in October, November and December. They fall further by the time of March. This could be a great time to travel at a low cost and enjoy the snow. Those who are seeking for budget travel to Turkey; then this season is for you.


Shoulder seasons


  • Duration- April, May, September, October
  • Weather condition- April and May is the season of the spring. September and October experience autumn. Both the seasons are amazing for a tourist who prefers sightseeing over participatory explorations.
  • Flight fares- They are not the least, but not soaring high either.  Try searching over the internet for low-cost flight tickets to Turkey, as the chances are quite high.


Dalman has different locations in stock for different seasons, each catering to a huge number of tourists. Whether you want to enjoy the white snow or relax in a hot beach, breath the air of the natural spring or cherish the colours of autumn, Dalaman has it all. This is what makes it a must-visit for travel enthusiasts like us.


Where to stay?

Trip to Turkey offers an amazing amalgamation of natural wonders blended with artificially crafted ambience. Why not put a cherry on a cake by booking a room in the most luxurious hotel of all times – Titanic Resort. Yes, you heard it right, you can stay like a king of the world in this epitome of luxury that too for less. TUI is your one stop travel agency that would help you grab the best hotel booking deal.
So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now!

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