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Turkey is an important tourist destination for global tourists. The place has many things to see. The Turkey government spends significantly on the hotel and hospitality industry. There are a number of standard hotels to accommodate to tourists visiting the nation. If you are planning to visit places in Turkey then you require to go through relevant websites, online and stay informed about the climate of Turkey before you visit the place.

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Weather in Turkey in the month of April

Turkey is located in close proximity to the sea. It experiences hot summers and cold winters. In this context, it is relevant to say that Turkey is located close to Europe as well as Asia and this makes it a transcontinental nation. The country is big and it experiences different climatic conditions in different parts of the nation. It experiences a warm weather in the month of April as it is the time when the summer is close. The tourists can find some of the best holiday weather conditions on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean fringes.  

Regional Differences in Turkey During April

Turkey’s popular resorts enjoy long and hot summers. The visitors, visiting the place can see things hot in the months of April. The tourists can experience wet and rainy months this month. However, the mountainous regions that are in close proximity to the Mediterranean coast can shelter the island areas from the effect of rain. There are Black Sea resorts in Turkey that get a good amount of rain throughout the year. In contrast, there are spots in the Sea of Marmara that experiences a dry climatic condition.

Averages Temperatures

The south coast of Turkey and Antalya experiences a high average temperature. The temperature in these parts of Turkey reaches 21ºC  in the months of April. If you are visiting these parts of Turkey during the April season then you require to pack some warm clothes as the evenings in these places are a bit chilly. The average temperature by the sea is roughly 18ºC. The humidity in these parts of Turkey is low and it ranges between 40% and 80%. Average rainfall in these parts of Turkey is 46mm during the rainy season.


The visitors visiting Turkey can expect 13 hours of daylight. They can expect 8 hours of sunshine during the months of April. The UV levels are high and therefore it is recommended to take adequate precautions from the Sun.

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